Are you troubled by mysterious physical and emotional symptoms, unexplained rapid weight gain, and you’ve heard hormones may have something to do with it? SLIM NOW-Rx clinical locations now offer its patients hormone balance approaches that are conventional, safe and sound, valuable hormone replacement treatment (HRT) alternatives and solutions to a growing, untested, and more commonly ignored disorder.

Whatever your interest or motivation, SLIM NOW-Rx offers straight talk about what you’re experiencing and what you can do about it. If hormone imbalance is causing your symptoms, SLIM NOW-Rx clinical approach can put you back in the driver’s seat, allowing you to maintain healthy weight, steady emotions, and sustained energy.

Hormones are powerful molecules essential for maintaining physical and mental health and well being. Men and women make both estrogen and testosterone hormones, among several others that are considered necessary to balance an optimum healthier lifestyle. An imbalance of any one hormone can throw your physical and mental health out of balance, causing aggravating and even serious health problems to include unexplainable weight gain. Hormones are like your fingerprints and in order to achieve optimal health, you need to know what your specific imbalances are. There are several ways to test for hormones (saliva, serum, and urine), but the state-of-the-art method is through saliva testing.

If you are looking for a safe and scientifically sound method of hormone replacement treatments, SLIM NOW-Rx is here to guide you through a treatment plan that offers alternatives to sources for testing and bioidentical hormone replacement treatments. SLIM NOW-Rx offers safe and sound, research-based treatments and recommendations for correcting hormone imbalances. Bioidentical hormone replacement treatment, along with wholesome lifestyle habits offers men and women a safe, effective alternative to conventional or synthetic HRT. SLIM NOW-Rx have helped thousands of women and men reclaim their lives using the most effective testing approaches and state of the art prescription medication treatments available today. Add years to your life and feel better than ever—for the rest of your life! SLIM NOW-Rx clinic offers some of the most advanced methods to aid OUR patients in their weight loss and management solution treatments, and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Treatments (BHRT). We offer Hormone Replacement Therapy for hormonal imbalance conditions better known as MENOPAUSE for women and ANDROPAUSE treatments for men. SLIM NOW-Rx professionals have formulated vitamins and sports nutritional supplements proven to yield real, tangible results in weight loss, sexual wellness, increase energy, build muscle, advance strength, and supplement hormonal deficiencies by promoting and achieving optimal body chemistry balance. 


Menopause is the natural hormonal change that occurs in women and signals the end of their childbearing years. It is not a disease nor an illness, but a normal transition from one stage in a woman’s life to another. While it is a natural occurrence, it is not without its share of discomfort and it is often accompanied by a myriad of changes within the body that can be unpleasant for the woman during and following menopause. During menopause, hormones previously needed for regulating menses fluctuate wildly. There is no predictable course through menopause, and while some women may find the transition easy, others suffer through it for several years.



Typical Symptoms of Menopause:
Bleeding irregularities                            Vaginal dryness                            Hot flashes/sweats
Weight gain                                           Changes in sex drive                    Insomnia
Nervousness                                         Irritability                                    Headache
Mood changes                                       Memory loss                                Depression
Skin aging/cosmetic changes                 Osteoporosis                                Anxiety
Increased skin wrinkling                        Atherosclersis                              Altered fat and carbohydrate metabolism

Customized Hormone Replacement
With innovations in hormone testing, it is now possible to establish and monitor a customized hormone replacement program that balances individual hormones and restores emotional, mental, and bodily health.

Using this method, it is possible to:
Customize natural hormone dosing to meet individual needs
Optimize hormone levels for the minimum dose required to relieve symptoms and avoid overdosing
Achieve appropriate and compatible physiologic levels of several hormones
Increase an individuals’ sense of well being by remedying an underlying hormone deficit or imbalance

How is Post-Menopause Hormone Panel Performed?
Using a saliva sample, we test for up to 8 male and female hormones depending on the severity of your symptoms and your clinical needs. Testing establishes a baseline and ongoing levels for hormones, such as testosterone, DHEA, progesterone, estradiol, and cortisol panels. Our staff use the results of the Post-Menopause Hormone Panel to develop a hormone replacement plan that will return hormone levels to a more stable state and reduce or eliminate some of the unpleasant symptoms of menopause.

Advantages of saliva testing
Measures active hormone levels
Easy and convenient collection
Exception specimen stability
Less expensive than blood testing
Four samples collected throughout the day give a more accurate picture of hormone levels
No needles

Hormone Replacement
Physicians employ several treatment strategies to assist women during menopause. The most frequently used method is symptomatic treatment that uses synthetic or natural hormone replacement. Unfortunately, hormone levels vary considerably between women. In fact, the hormone levels between any two women can vary between 200 and 1500%, making it unlikely that the same hormone replacement treatment would be effective for both women.


Testosterone plays a critical role in maintaining both physical and mental health.  From the peak in the late teens and early 20's, the production of testosterone begins to taper at approximately age 30.  This physiologic decrease is commonly known as ANDROPAUSE and can cause changes in sexual function, mood, energy level and body composition, but may also have significant impact on cardiovascular risk as men with low and low range testosterone levels are at a greater risk for metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. 

In addition to age-related decline, poor diet, lack of exercise,stress and other lifestyle factors can have a significant effect on testosterone levels. 


Some of the symptoms associated with decreased testosterone production in the male body are:

Decreased erectile function                  Insulin resistance                              Metabolic syndrome
Loss of muscle strength                       Loss of muscle mass                          Fatigue
Weight gain                                        Trouble urinating                               Prostate problems
Bone loss                                           Cardiovascular Disease                       Hot flashes
Hair loss                                             High cholesterol                                 Decreased libido
Burned out feeling                               Increased pain                                   Brain fog
Forgetfulness                                       Mood swings                                     Depression
Anxiety                                               Cravings                                           Infertility 

If you are experiencing 5 or more of the above symptoms, you should have the hormone test performed.  As testicular production of sex hormones wanes with age, adrenal hormone balance plays a central role in sustaining optimal hormonal health.  

Why Use Saliva Testing for Male and Female Hormone Panel?


Saliva testing is an easy and noninvasive way of assessing your patient's hormone status and balancing needs and is proving to be the most reliable medium for measuring hormone levels. Appreciating the reliability of saliva testing is based on understanding the difference between steroid hormones in saliva and serum. This difference is based on whether or not the hormones are bound to proteins in the medium used for testing. Those which are protein bound do not fit those receptors and are considered non-bio-available. When blood is filtered through the salivary glands, the bound hormone components are too large to pass through the cell membranes. Only the unbound hormones pass through and into the saliva. What is measured in the saliva is the bio-available hormone, the clinically relevant portion which will be delivered to the receptors in the tissues of the body.

Using saliva samples, the Male Hormone Panel test includes testosterone, DHEA, progesterone, estradiol, and cortisol panels.

Using the Male Hormone Panel to Balance Hormones

Maintaining optimum male health in the face of fluctuating or declining hormone levels requires a careful balance between the hormones produced by your body and hormone replacements. Using oral supplements, patches, injections, or skin implants, our professionals can easily contrlabrixol the amounts of replacement hormone to achieve an appropriate balance. Over time, adjustments of androgen hormone levels can restore alertness, vigor, and lean muscle mass, while reducing abdominal fat and producing a feeling of overall well being.


Your hormones all work together to create an environment of balance and harmony.  An imbalance of one can affect them all!


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