Weight Loss Services

SLIM NOW Rx is committed to providing our clients with healthy, short or long-term weight management solutions that are affordable and easily integrated into the fast-paced lifestyles of today’s working society. We recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of our patients, and therefore individually tailor our medical weight loss and management support services to meet your individual needs and goals.



Our program includes monthly visits with our staff, nutritional advice, and  a four week supply of medication upon qualifying. You are also welcome to stop by and visit with our medical personnel, ask questions, weigh in, or just say hello at no extra charge!


We have a comprehensive program that encourages a sensible and low-fat diet, portion control, and a regular exercise program. The combination of diet, exercise, and the use of appetite suppressants is very effective. 

By following our program, people can not only lose weight but, best of all, they can   develop new habits that allow them to keep the weight off. 

Prescription Appetite Suppressants

We use time-tested prescription appetite suppressant medication (Phentermine) that has been approved by FDA since 1959.  Since 1970, Phentermine has dominated the market has been proven safe and effective for more than 50 years.  

What To Expect On Your First Visit 



These medications will provide you with several important benefits:  
        * Help you feel less hungry.
        * Make you feel full faster when you eat.
        * Excellent tool to assist in putting lifestyle                         and behavioral changes into place.
         *Help you reach and maintain weight loss goals.

Our prescription appetite suppressant medication:
    Phentermine (Brand Name:  Adipex ) 

Other effective medications may include:

          Topiramate (Brand name:  Topamax)    
Metformin (Brand name:  Glucophage)


What To Expect On Your First Visit 



The initial visit usually takes about 30-60 minutes and are by appointment. While follow-up visits are by by previously scheduled appointment times or you may just walk-in.  We have found that both ways to be the most convenient and effective method for our patients. 

New patients will be required to fill-out the initial medical forms, blood work-up, and be evaluated by the medical staff.  The staff will review your medical history, discuss your diet, exercise, and determine the best method to reaching your goal weight loss.
At the end of your visit, your four-week prescription will be filled in our office. You will receive a return card, and it has the date that your medications will run out. Simply come back on (or slightly before/after) that date for another office visit and to re-fill your prescription!    

You are welcome to come in, hear what we have to say and see what we have to offer.  If you want to go ahead with the program, great!   If not, there will be no charge for your visit.  Simple! 

Feel Free to Contact Us  

Should you have any questions, concerns, or if you just need a little more information, you are welcome to stop by and have a chat with our staff any time.  Also, feel free to give us a call or send us an email, text, or voicemail. We check our text messages and emails daily and will get back to you as soon as  possible.

PHONE OR TEXT: (931) 409-7439

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